Acheivments of a well designed Website

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has proven to be a more effective tool as compare to traditional marketing methods. Social Network Marketing (SNM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & blogging are the top methods that are used productively in targeting a specific group that is actually interested in your service or product. Being more cost effective in comparison to conventional marketing techniques you can instantaneously reach the globe 24/7.

Marketing Strategy and Analysis Steps…

    Preparation of your mission statement and vision for the upcoming year:
    • How do you want your company to be perceived
    Discover and define your niche markets:
    • What is your unique service or product
    Explore and identify your competition:
    • Make a list of competitors with strengths and weaknesses
    • What makes you unique from your competitors
    Describe and identify your product or service advantage:
    • How can you emotionally connect
    • How will your company make life better for potential customers
    • Quality of product
    • Efficiencies and cost effective
    • Bring it all to life
    Develop and plan for your marketing strategy:
    • Make a potential client list
    • Google Ad Word
    • SNM, SEM and Blogging to targeting your niche market
    • Search for related blog and forum web sites and post a link
    • Link share with business acquaintance web sites
    • ALL traditional advertising should feature your web site or social network.
    Create quantifiable marketing goals:
    • Use landing page to track customer conversion and interest
    • Move web visitors to action
    • Use Special Offers to turn leads into customers
    • Use marketing tools that you can measure results such as Google Analytics and your web host site analyzer.  Set goals based on results.
    Create a marketing calendar that contains a month-by-month schedule of marketing activities and events for the upcoming year:
    • Prioritize and Schedule out your marketing strategy
We can monitor the results of your marketing efforts and effectively analyze your web statistics to see what worked!

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