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Internet Analytics

Everything your business does on the internet creates data

  • Do you know how to collect it?
  • Is your data used effectively?
  • Are you creating a competitive advantage?
Turn data into insights and improved decision making to drive better outcomes.

Data Collection

Knowing how to collect data and utilizing every possible resource is very important to the internet analytic process. Everything you do on the internet creates some type of relevant data. Most legitimate hosting providers have a stat feature that gathers data of site traffic. You can also use external stat resources such as Google Analytics. Gathering data from more than one source will help build advanced analytical capability.

Effective use of data

  • Try not to focus on the wrong metrics, or too many metrics. Too often, firms fail to map metrics against the key drivers of their business.
  • Turn raw data into insights that shape actual decisions and business processes.
  • Choosing the right action in a timely way is essential to success.
  • Use predictive analytics to gain insights into what the company should do in response to changing business conditions.

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